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How teamwork can reduce academic pressures in dental schools in India?

The study of dentistry involves a vast curriculum that can be quite challenging for students to navigate. With so much to cover and such a huge range of knowledge to retain, students often rely on each other to handle the academic pressure. Effective teamwork can simplify going through the course. Here, we share some of the ways in which teamwork can reduce academic pressure on dental students.

  1. Dental programmes not only include various subjects but different aspects, such as laboratory work and clinical rotations. Each of these is time-consuming and can be difficult to juggle along with attending normal classes. Effective teamwork can reduce the workload. For example, a group of dental students can divide the responsibility of preparing and researching dental projects or presentations. This reduces the time each student has to spend on creating individual projects. Apart from reducing academic pressure, such an approach enables students to work efficiently in a team setting. It can also help develop leadership skills.
  1. Teamwork and collaboration among dental students also foster better learning. Seniors in the course can help guide or mentor their junior students, providing them with useful tips and insights into subjects or topics.
  1. Managing one’s time well in dental school can mean the difference between success and failure. Students have to balance considerable coursework with clinical training. Collaborating with others on presentations and project work allows students to establish clear timelines and set well-defined priorities. Also, students can hold each other accountable for the agreed-upon deadlines. Apart from teaching time management skills, working together also helps build discipline.
  1. Teamwork promotes critical-thinking skills. When dental students approach a problem as a team, they are exposed to various viewpoints, approaches, and perspectives. This diversity in thought encourages them to think critically as well. They have to consider various solutions to a complex case and decide which of them is the optimal choice. In the field of dentistry, it is essential to be able to think critically and analyse the situation efficiently. Teamwork enables students to build such analytical and critical-thinking abilities, preparing them for real-life scenarios.

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