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Planning to pursue a bachelor of dental surgery? Here are some soft skills you must develop during the course

Dentistry is a highly sought-after career choice for many reasons. After completing a bachelor of dental surgery, you can start your practice or work in a hospital. Those with an MDS degree can work in academic fields in universities and colleges and research and development centres. Beyond medical knowledge, you will need many other skills to become a good dentist. As one of the top BDS colleges in India, we share some soft skills you must develop while pursuing your bachelor of dental surgery:

1. Communication skills:

You will need excellent communication skills since you will work and interact with patients from all walks of life. Effective communication is also important because, as a dentist, you will have to coordinate with nurses, dental assistants, lab technicians and other staff members on a daily basis.

2. Ability to work under pressure:

Being able to work well under pressure is an important skill. You often have to deal with difficult patients or tough dental problems, and being able to stay calm and focused in these situations is essential. It’s helpful to build a strong professional support network. This way, if you’re feeling stressed out, you can talk to someone who understands what you’re going through and can offer advice.

3. Adaptability:

A career in dental surgery requires a great deal of adaptability. You will be working with a wide range of patients, each with their own unique needs. You will need to be able to quickly adapt your approach to providing the best possible care. A great way to learn and develop adaptability is to keep yourself abreast with medical and technological changes that are taking place in the dental world. This way, when you will become a dentist, you will be able to incorporate the latest advancements into your practice.

4. Leadership skills:

A good dentist needs to demonstrate leadership skills on a daily basis, especially when it comes to running your dental practice. You can develop leadership skills by taking charge of classroom projects and holding discussions with your classmates on important issues.

5. Good business skills:

Excellent business skills are important for you for a few reasons. First, if you own your dental practice, you will need to be able to manage finances, hire staff and market your dental services.

6. Problem-solving skills:

You are expected to be able to find resolutions and provide good treatment for your patients. Patients with different dental conditions expect their dentists to have a solution. So, you need to have quick problem-solving skills to manage team members, find solutions and resolve non-medical issues.

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