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About Department of Anatomy

The word ANATOMY denotes the structural organization of the body. The subject of Anatomy forms a foundation for the dental surgeons of future. Collectively both the teachers and students are striving hard to bring the best out of the efforts they had given.

The Department of Anatomy at Karnavati School of Dentistry is located at 1st floor of A-block. The Department consist of Dissection Hall, Histology Lab, Museum and an air-conditioned demonstration room, well equipped with Audio-Visual teaching aids. There is also a large collection of Dissected Specimens and dry bone sets in the department which serves in teaching sciences like embryology, neuroanatomy, histology and gross anatomy, providing more clear idea to the students.

Major activities of the department are centered around teaching for BDS subjects.

STUDY AREA:- Anatomy is the scientific study of the structure of living things including their systems, organs, and tissues. It is subdivided into gross (Macroscopic) anatomy, microscopic anatomy (Histology), developmental anatomy (Embryology).

Gross anatomy is the study of structures that are large enough to be seen with the naked eye. Gross anatomy can be studied in cadavers by dissection. Histology is the the study of structures with the aid of a microscope. Embryology is the study of prenatal or postnatal developmental changes in an individual.

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