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About Department of Community Dentistry / Public Health Dentistry

The department is dedicated to the prevention and control of dental diseases and promotion of oral health as Prevention is better than cure. The department conducts camps and oral health education programmes in various schools, institutions, primary healthcare centers and public and private sector undertakings in rural as well as urban areas. The main attraction of the department is a museum where charts and models have been established for patient education and better understanding of oral health and various treatments available. The department is equipped with a mobile dental van which includes one dental chair with all attachments and seating capacity of 15 people.

The department is supported by clinical physiology, haematology and biochemistry laboratories.


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The department specialises at providing treatment at various satellite canters like:

CHC Centers at Sarkhej, Chandkheda, Vatva, Naroda in Ahmedabad.

Urban Health Center at Sabarmati & Kalol in Ahmedabad

BSF in Gandhinagar.


  1. Restoration
    1. -GIC restoration
    2. -Composite restoration
  2. Ultrasonic scaling
  3. Root canal treatment
  4. Topical fluoride application
  5. Pit and fissure sealants
  6. Preventive resin restoration
  7. Atraumatic restorative treatment
  8. Tobacco cessation counselling
  9. Post-operative restoration


  • The Department of Public Health & Dentistry has celebrated World Oral Health Day for a week i.e. from 19 th March to 25 th March 2022. Celebrated World Oral Health Day at its various Peripheral centers and also organized two dental screening & health education camps, one at Manavsadhna Aanganwadi on 21 st March 2022 & the other at village Dabhoda on 25 th March 2022.
  • Karnavati School of Dentistry has observed “World No Tobacco Day” on 31.5.2022. The annual campaign is used as an opportunity to raise awareness on harmful and deadly effects of tobacco smoke use and second-hand smoke exposure, and to discourage the use of tobacco. Patients attending OPD were screened and informed about the ill effects of smoke and smoke less form of tobacco on general and oral health through models and videos.
  • On 20 th March 2023, Karnavati School of Dentistry organized a vibrant celebration in honor of World Oral Health Day. The day began with organizing the camps in the different satellite centers, focusing on the significance of maintaining good oral hygiene and its impact on overall well-being. Interactive workshops were conducted, where participants learned proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as receiving guidance on maintaining a healthy diet for oral health.

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