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Diploma in Oral Implantology & Laser Dentistry


Certificate: Diploma Program In Oral Implantology & Laser Dentistry
Course director: Dr. Amit Benjamin

Program Highlights:

  • University affiliated Diploma Program
  • Integrated Program For Basic And Advanced Implantology With Laser Dentistry
  • Reviews various representative implant systems
  • Aids in Selecting implants according to scientific and clinical criterion
  • Understanding of risk benefit analysis of various procedures
  • Didactic and interactive sessions
  • Simulated hands on with models
  • LIVE Clinical training on patients
  • Surgical and prosthetic modules with institute and home tasks
  • Advanced implantology procedures enabling comprehensive patient management
  • Clinically oriented program in laser dentistry
  • Reviews various representative laser systems
  • Selecting lasers according to scientific and clinical criterion
  • Laser treatment modality for management of diverse patient needs
  • Institute case presentations and evaluation
  • State of the art equipment available at the university


BDS Or Equivalent degree From A Recognised Institution in India Or Overseas.


This Diploma Program is A One Year Non Continuous Modular Based Program.

  • Module 1 – Basic Implantology – I & Laser Dentistry
  • Module 2 – Implantology – II & Laser Dentistry
  • Module 3 – Surgical Module & Laser Dentistry
  • Module 4 ( Subgroup) – Prosthetic Module & Laser Dentistry
  • Module 5 ( Subgroup) – Hard & Soft Tissue Augmentation module
  • Module 6 ( Subgroup) – Tilted Implant (All on X, Pterygoid & Zygomatic Implantology) & Digital Implant Dentistry Module

Note :- Individual Registration for Single or multiple Subgroup Modules available

( Including Didiactic Sessions, Simulated And Clinical Training And Assessment Exams)


 January 2024 to December 2024


  • Copy Of Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • BDS/MDS/Others Passing Certificate & Marksheet
  • Original Acknowledgement Of Program Fees ( RTGS/NEFT/DD/Cheque)


  • Introduction To Implant Practice
  • Rationale For Dental Implants
  • Implant Team
  • Dental Implant v/s Natural Tooth
  • Fundamentals Of Implant Structure And Implant Biomaterial.
  • Introducing The Implant Systems
  • Implant Jargon
  • Instrumentation
  • Implant Surgical Kit
  • Bone And Soft Tissue Physiology
  • Implant Surgical Protocol: Sterilization And Disinfection
  • Basic  Pharmacology For Implant Practice
  • Introduction To Biomaterials – Bone Grafts
  • Principles Of Soft Tissue Grafts
  • Guided Bone Regeneration: Principles And Practice
  • Immediate Implants & Socket Shield Principle
  • Anatomy & Histology: Periodontal Tissues, Maxillary Sinus, TMJ, Pterygoid And Zygomatic Bones
  • Medical Evaluation Of The Implant Patient
  • Diagnostic Imaging Including CBCT
  • Classification Of Bone Profiles
  • Concept Of Osseointegration
  • Bone Density: Its Importance In Success Of Implants
  • Classification And Treatment Plan For Partially Edentulous Arches In Implant Dentistry
  • Applied Anatomy For Dental Implants
  • Types Of Implants
  • Implant Design – Micro And Macro Surface
  • Description Of Implant Protocols
  • Indian Market For Implants
  • Full Arch Implant Placement Protocol
  • Soft Tissue Grafting And Management Around Implant.
  • Maintenance Of Dental Implants
  • Indirect Sinus Lift
  • Direct Sinus Lift
  • Ridge Split And Expansion
  • Socket Preservation
  • Immediate Loading Protocols
  • Beginning With The End In Mind – Prosthetically Driven Implant Surgery
  • Importance Of Diagnostic Casts, Mockups, Stents
  • Basic Principles Of Diagnosis And Treatment Planning
  • Clinical Examination Of  Patient
  • Principles Of Flap Surgery
  • Flap Design
  • Surgical Instrumentation
  • Suturing Techniques
  •  Bone Response To Mechanical Loads
  • Effect Of Bone Density On Surgical Protocols And Healing
  • Soft Tissue Management In Esthetic Zone Implant Placement
  • Medico Legal Aspects And Importance Of Informed Consent.
  • Importance Of Diagnostic Casts, Mockups, Stents
  • Classification And Treatment Plan For Partially And Completely Edentulous Arches In Implant Dentistry
  • Introduction To The Facebow And Semiadjustable Articulators
  • Material Sciences For The Full Arch Restorations
  • Introduction To Multi-Unit Abutment
  • Choosing The Right Abutment
  • CAD-CAM : Digital Workflow
  •  Basics Of Occlusion
  • Implant Occlusion
  • Occlusal Schemes
  • Stage 2 Surgery: Uncovering And Treatment Of Healing Complications
  • Prosthetic Options In Implant Dentistry
  • Fixed And Removable Prosthetic Designs
  • Screw Retained And Cement Retained Restorations
  • Types Of Abutments
  • Attachments For Removable Prosthesis
  • Impression Taking For Implant Prosthesis
  • Clinical Biomechanics In Implant Dentistry: Concept Of Stress, Strain, Deformation, Cantilever
  • Introduction To Guided Implant Surgeries
  • Rationale For Tilted Implants
  • The Surgical And Prosthetic Concept Of ‘All On 4’
  • Pterygoid And Zygomatic Implants: When, How And Why
  • The Nature And Properties Of Light
  • Introduction To Laser
  • History Of Laser
  • Type Of Laser
  • Laser Physics
  • Laser Units Of Measure
  • Laser Wavelengths
  • Laser Safety
  • Regulations And Standards For Laser In Dentistry
  • Application In Oral Medicine
  • Applicaton In Periodontics
  • Applications In Oral Surgery
  • Application In Implantology
  • Application In Pedodontics
  • Application In Endodontics
  • Application In Prosthodontics
  • Application In Orthodontics
  • Application In Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Evidence Based Practice Of Laser Dentistry
  • Laser Practice Management
  • Hands On With Models For Surgery, Flap Technique, Suturing And Prosthetic Steps.
  • Demonstration of Implant equipment
  • Demonstration Of Laser Equipment
  • LIVE Patient Demonstration
  • Case Selection  For Institute And Home Task


Assessment Exam- Total  of 100marks

  • Case History, Diagnosis And Treatment Planning Discussion: 30 Marks
  • Clinical Skill Assessment Via Viva Voce
    • Surgical Skill Assessment : 30 Marks
    • Prosthetic Skill Assessment: 20 Marks
  • Log Book Assessment: 20 Marks


Fees  for Indian Citizens:INR 3.5 Lacs only
Fees  for Foreign Citizens / NRI:US $ 8500
  • Program fees includes usage of institute equipment and disposables for institute case of the program.


Dr. Mohd Shabankhan

Contact no: 9099044672

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