Hospital OPD Timings 9:00am - 3:00pm
Hospital OPD Timings 9:00am - 3:00pm

Full Mouth Prosthetic Rehabilitation

Planning and executing the restorative rehabilitation of a decimated occlusion is probably one of the most intellectually and technically demanding task for any restorative dentist.

The gradual wear of the occlusal surfaces of teeth is a normal process during the lifetime of a person. However, excessive loss of occlusal wear can result in pulpal pathology, occlusal disharmony, impaired function and esthetic disfigurement. In many of such cases the vertical dimensions of the jaws are lost and gradually the patient starts looking older than he/she is really. The treatment of such cases is not only challenging but also very technique sensitive. To solve your problems the specialist dentists at Karnavati School of Dentistry are highly trained and well equipped with a wide range of treatment modalities.

Mutilated and worn out dentition can be restored to health and function by using various modern techniques of occlusal rehabilitation. Full mouth rehabilitation converts all undesirable forces on dento alveolar complex (dentition) to the desirable results thus resulting in normal dentition (occlusion) and healthy periodontium.

The most common full mouth rehabilitation procedures done at our centre

  • Complete dentures (removable and fixed complete denture) for patients who have no teeth at all in their oral cavity.
  • Occlusal plane rehabilitation (there are some patients who have uneven occlusal plane of dentition)
  • Treatment to increase the vertical height of the dentition
  • Full mouth crowns for patients having discoloured teeth