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You are never fully dressed without a smile. An adage very well known; however, a missing tooth or teeth will hinder that beautiful smile of yours.

Dental implants give a patient an opportunity to have permanently fixed replacement for missing teeth. Dental implant surgery has become routine treatment in dentistry and is generally considered to be a safe surgical procedure with a very high success rate.

Over the years, dental implants have become an increasingly common treatment modality for tooth replacement. Implants usually have been proved to increase the patients satisfaction along with comfort and esthetics post treatment. At Karnavati School of Dentistry we have a section dedicated to implantology and a team of implantologists who would take care of the patients needs right from the diagnosis to the post rehabilitation phase follow up with individual care for every patient. Every patient no matter how complicated the treatment procedure is can be very well taken care of at our centre because of our highly competent and well trained team of implantologists. Our team specialises in even immediate replacement of a missing tooth with an implant. Also implants that require bone grafts or soft tissue grafts are successfully done at our centre. Patients who are high risk patients in terms of being medically compromised are also treated with utmost care at our centre.

Once implants are placed, the patient has a variety of choices of prosthetic rehabilitation to choose from. Depending upon patients preference and possible treatment options, all types of post implant prosthesis can be provided to the patient.