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Ever since its sporadic use in mid 1990s; the introduction of microscope has revolutionalized the way root canals are performed in modern dentistry. A microscope gives an added advantage of superior lighting and magnification to the clinician so as to perform the root canals in the best possible way to provide a good prognosis (treatment success outcome) to the patients.

Using a microscope in any field not only enhances the vision but also improves the precision and thereby the work quality of the user. Root canal therapy is one of the most common dental treatments in dentistry. There are many a patients who come with failed root canals or swellings related to root canals or cases wherein the teeth are severely damaged treating all such cases under the microscope increases the longetivity of treatment outcome and improves the quality of treatment. We have a team of specialised dentists who work under microscope. All types of failed root canals can be effectively treated at our centre with utmost precision.