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Open House Session

According to the dictionary, the word ‘homebound’ means heading towards one’s home. It’s safe to say that over the span of 5 years college becomes home and the people are present as a family. It provides a sense of warmth and familiarity.

BDS Orientation Programme 2022

Orientations mark the start of a new beginning. The word ‘orient’ literally means to find one’s footing or find your bearings. On the 5th of May, KSD conducted the first-year orientation. Marking their start on a new journey. Along with the orientation a white coat ceremony took place

National Health Fest for Divyangjan

Special Olympics concluded with the largest health screening and hygiene lessons for 7500 children with Intellectual Disabilities (ID). This very special drive is being undertaken as a part of #azadikaamritmahotsav

Pvt varsity to organise largest oral health check-up for Specially-abled athletes.

AHMEDABAD: To mark the World Oral Health Day on April 7 this year, Karnavati School of Dentistry is all set to organise the largest oral health check-up and hygiene lessons for children with Intellectual Disability (ID).

રાજ્યના 7500 મનોદિવ્યાંગ એથ્લિટ્સની તબીબી તપાસ કરાશે

7મી એપ્રિલના રોજ ઉજવાતો વિશ્વ આરોગ્ય દિવસ આ વખતે ગુજરાત માટે વિશિષ્ટ બની રહેવાનો છે. મનોદિવ્યાંગતા ધરાવતા રાજ્યના 7500 એથ્લીટ્સની આરોગ્ય તપાસનો મહાઉપક્રમ આ વર્ષના આરોગ્ય દિવસની વિશેષતા બની રહેશે.

Commencement of Academic Session for 1st Year BDS

The academic activities for the students admitted in First Year BDS program in the academic year 2020-21 at Karnavati School of Dentistry shall commence within 10 days of completion of admission process by Admission Committee for Professional Under-Graduate Medical Courses, Gujarat. The students will be notified at least before a week about the commencement of academic activities by phone/email.

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