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Every child’s smile is a package of sunshine and rainbows. And this smile is the most precious possession of every parent. Karnavati School of Dentistry takes care of this smile just the way you have ever wished for, at our state of the art designed Pediatric Dental Department.

Children are the future of any nation’s tomorrow. And in today’s world we as providers for the next generation strive to be best in providing a healthy and advanced future to them. Karnavati School of Dentistry knows just how perfectly well your child’s mental and physical growth and development can be manoeuvred by just taking care of his/her oral health.

Our centre is one of the best centres in entire Gujarat to provide all types of treatment modalities for a Pediatric patient right from infancy to a teenager.

Our services include

  • Pediatric root canal therapy
  • Pediatric crowns
  • Silver coloured and tooth coloured fillings for decayed or various teeth
  • Colourful fillings for young kids
  • Habit breaking treatments ( thumb sucking, finger sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting etc)
  • Initial treatment to adjust the malaligned teeth and small deformities in the jaws before orthodontic treatment ( braces) can be done (using myofunctional appliances)
  • Obturators given to new born kids with developmental defects
  • Treatment of medically and physically compromised kids under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia
  • Fluoride treatment to prevent caries in future.
  • Smile designing in children.

We have a fully trained team of specialist Pediatric dentists who can treat the kids under local anaesthesia, conscious sedation and even general anaesthesia at our centre. Our dentists also provide counselling to the parents for the post operative care to be taken so as to prevent further damage to the oral health of the children.